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Please text Rae on 07535417883


Hypnotherapy Appointments are available on:

Tuesday 10:00, 11.30, 2.00, 3.30, 5.00

Wednesday 10:00, 11.30, 2.00, 3.30, 5.00

Thursday 10:00, 11.30, 2.00, 3.30, 5.00


Session Fees

Session Type (Over 17s Only) Price
Hypnotherapy Session (Anxiety, Depression, Phobias, Confidence, Interview Prep, Driving Test prep, etc) (60-75 Mins) £90
Smoking Cessation (1.5 hours) £180
Specialist Weight Control Sessions (1.5 Hours) £90
HypnoBand Weight Control Session (5 x 1 hour sessions) and 2 Therapy Recordings (Full fees must be paid for in advance) £500
Extended Hypnotherapy (2 hours, Good option for those people travelling a long distance for therapy) £180

Therapy Phone Calls (£90 per hour)
I can conduct therapy on the phone. Calls are charged in advance of the call.

Online Therapy (£90 per hour)
I can carry out therapy online securely over Zoom. Calls are charged in advance of the call.

Clinical Supervision Sessions for therapists £80
Clinical Supervision (1 Hour)

Adults Only
Please note I only work with adults over the age of 17.

How many sessions will need?

The number of therapy sessions you will require will depend on the type of problem you have brought to therapy as well as how you respond to therapy. It’s not possible to give an exact indication of how many sessions you will require, however Rae may be able to give you an estimate after discussing your problem.

The sessions are kept to the minimum number required and it is always up to you how many sessions you decide to have. Rae does not do block bookings or contract you into having a certain number of sessions. This is because some people do not need a block of sessions. Some problems can be quickly resolved but most people do require a minimum of two sessions to start their therapeutic journey.

What happens in Session One?
An initial Hypnotherapy session with Rae Jenson, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist, consists of a discussion about the problem for which you seek help. Rae will ask some important questions which will give her information on which to base your treatment and to help you move forward in the way you want to.Most of this first session time will be used to give you an opportunity to talk about the problem and to set some manageable goals. This is a very important element of therapy in itself and can offer a much needed safe space to talk freely about what’s troubling you and help to motivate you. Sometimes there maybe a little time left to start doing some other therapy interventions.

What about Session Two and other sessions?
Rae will give you an opportunity to feedback on how you have been between sessions and will then use some therapy interventions to help you with your problem. You will also be given access to a special self hypnosis recording that can help boost the suggestions given during your sessions and help to keep you calm and relaxed.


Emergency Information
If you are in serious distress and considering taking your own life or harming yourself please go to your nearest Accident and Emergency Hospital or call 999.

Or If you need to talk to someone about how you are feeling please contact NHS 24 on 111.

You can also contact:

Samaritans on Tel: 116 123 (Available 24 Hours a day 7 days a week)

Breathing Space Tel: 0800 83 85 87 (24 Hours at Weekends) 6AM to 6PM Mon – Fri

SAMH Te:l 0344 800 0550, (9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday, (except on Bank Holidays)