Rae Jenson

Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist

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Personal Therapy

Confidential, Caring, Compassionate, Non Judgemental

Are you feeling stuck or struggling with something you can't seem to fix on your own?

Maybe you need a bit of confidential support?

Sooner rather than later...
Although many don't like to ask for help, every year, I work with people like you, who do seek help and they often say they wished they had done it sooner because even after having that first chat they feel better.

Talk to me.....
It's very important to feel comfortable with your therapist and with that in mind, you can call or text me before committing to booking an appointment.


I am a professional therapist and I am also a real person who understands the challenges of life. I won't place my judgement upon you and I know that it's difficult to open up to a stranger but I can assure you that whatever you need to discuss is ok with me. However, if things are too difficult for you to talk about then we can work content free. You will receive a warm welcome at the therapy centre.

Face to face or online
I can provide personal face to face therapy sessions at our therapy centre near Linlithgow or online sessions over Zoom, whatever you prefer I just want you to be comfortable!

I have 20 years experience of helping people to overcome many different kinds of problem.


*Eating disorders
* Anxiety
* All types of Phobias
* Confidence Issues
* Weight Problems
* Performance Enhancement:

I also work with

  • Stress Management
  • Depression
  • Grief
  • Problematic thoughts and habits
  • Obsessional Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Pain Control
  • Interview Preparation
  • Public Speaking Fear
  • Stage Fright, Actors, Singers, Musicians
  • Sexual Problems
  • Sports Performance Enhancement for Golf, Equestrian etc.

I can host Group Workshops and discussions at my therapy studio near Linlithgow or I can attend your workplace or club.

Group work is very useful for providing a network of friends  and peer support. It helps people to gain confidence and learn to better express themselves through sharing and hearing others discuss their problems.

The type of groups I host

Stress management
Depression and Anxiety
Weight control


Hypnotherapy Training

Are you considering changing carreer? or just fancy learning Hypnosis for yourself?

I work as a trainer for The Scottish Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Therapies. Along with my colleague John Lawrence, we can train you in Clinical Hypnotherapy to achieve the Gold Standard UK Hypnotherapy Qualification called The HPD. This is an NVQ level 4 qualification based on the National Occupational Standards.  Our Diploma in Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy and Mind Therapists (Dip ACHMT incorporates the HPD Qualification plus far more. In fact, successful completion of this course give you five certificates.  


For more information see our training website.

Easy as 1,2,3

How It Works

What I do

My intention is always to bring a resolution as quickly as possible in as few sessions as necessary.  Modern Hypnotherapy is safe and you will be in control in every session. 

Session One

We begin by having a chat about the problem that you need help with. We then agree how you want to move forward, set some goals and make a plan of treatment to suit you. This session usually lasts around one hour and it is purely to listen to you, collect information and plan treatment. It does not normally allow time for interventions such include hypnosis treatment. People often ask why there's no hypnosis in session one. My answer is " Would you want a surgeon to start operating on you without knowing what your problem was?"  I carry out this session to find the information I need to be able to work with you. This usually takes at least an hour to ask questions and for you to talk about the problem, meaning there is not enough time to start using techniques. However it is possible to book a double session if you want to and then we can start right away!

Session Two

We have a short catchup and I will likely ask some questions. I will then start doing some therapy with you to help with the problem. I will discuss what we are going to do before I commence, so that you are always happy to proceed. I may also give you a pre recorded therapy session to download which you will listen to between sessions to help back up the work we do in each session. I also may give you some self tasks to do on your own. If you need another session, we will agree your next appointment time.

Ongoing Sessions

Rae will keep the number of sessions with you to a minimum. Sometimes problems require more sessions to deal with than other types of problems. 

"The hypnotherapy was relaxing. I quickly started to lose weight and I’ve gone from a size 26 to 20 and lost 2 stone since last September just eating normally and exercising.”

Annette Chapman (Lead Singer Robbie Robertson Blues Band)

"My GP suggested that Hypnotherapist Rae Jenson may be able to help me. I was very apprehensive about being hypnotised but Rae soon helped me realise I was always in control.

Annette Scott

" I’m so glad that Rae had the skills to recognise the real issues behind my stress and was able to help me. I can’t express in words how Rae and her expertise as a therapist helped me be all I can be."

Helen (Falkirk)

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