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Hi, My name is Rae and I am an Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist practicing in my countryside practice near Linlithgow

Rae Jenson
Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapy

Setting people free....

Welcome to Rae Jenson Hypnotherapy. My website is going through some changes at the moment to make it even easier to use and to book appointments. Like everything that goes through change, it might not quite behave as it usually does! so please forgive it, it's trying it's best lol.


My Services

Mind Coaching

Whatever you want to achieve, it all starts with thoughts and ideas. They are the foundation of all success.

Want some lightbulb moments? Modern therapy techniques may help you understand why you do things you might not want to do and how to stop.

Mind equals body. When we are stressed and our thinking isn't at it's best then it affects every part of us. Cells respond to thoughts so think about your thoughts.

I am a Hypnotherapy Instructor with over twenty years training experience. Come learn and build yourself a new career.

Let's Grow!

Therapy and coaching may help you grow away from your old fears and behavioural patterns.

Being Happy

Happiness is fleeting but contentment can be an everyday experience.

Contentment is being comfortable with yourself and what you have.

Therapy may help you be more accepting of the things you can't change.


Fulfilling Potential

Who are you not to be who you born to be?

I know life changes people and we are influenced by everything that happens to us but our brain is so capable of reforming it's neurons into new patterns which can create new thoughts, feelings and behaviour.


Making Changes

Sometimes we get stuck in a rut and we don't look after ourselves, Hypnotherapy may help make it easier to stick to the new behaviours and habits you want to do with less inner conflict.

Finding new directions

Do you feel lost? you are not alone, many people feel lost or stuck and it's understandable with the way life can be right now. However every moment of every day there's an opportunity to make a decision. Do you want to try a different direction?

My Philosophy

Together We Will

Therapy is a two way process. It is my intention to help you achieve whatever it is that you want in your life, whether it's something' small or large.

A good therapist will listen and help you to work out what is best for you and will support yout goals.

I always work with your best intentions and will do my best to help you find your own solutions.

The relationship between therapist and client is key to good therapy.

As a therapist, I am non judgmental and work from a place of unconditional positive regard.

The human mind is incredible and can achieve so much more with professional help.


"Rae is an amazing person"

Renesmee Thomas

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Rehaan Whitfield

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Scared of coming for therapy?

Please reach out. I can have a short chat with you on the phone before you make an appointment if you are concerned that it might not be right for you.


Therapy with me will help you grow to new heights

Close your eyes and relax, the answers are there just waiting....

A therapist who has heart and isn't afraid to use it to help you.


My Blog

The Location

My therapy centre is located near Linlithgow/Blackness, West Lothian, Scotland.The exact Location can be found on the three words system here  Or on Google Maps Location Our co-ordinates are 55°59'47.3"N 3°31'57.4"W Our postcode is EH497ND. Sat nav instructions:...

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Welcome To Rae Jenson Therapy and CoachingMy PracticeLocation   The Studio, 13 Mannerston HoldingsBy Linlithgow EH497ND See exact location  Make an Appointment Fees to suit your budgetOpen Hours  Saturday: 10am-6pm...

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Personal Therapy


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0735 417 883

The Hypnotherapy Centre

13 Mannerston Holdings

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