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About The Therapy Centre

We offer Therapy Sessions, Hypnotherapy Training and Clinical Supervision

The centre opened at Mannerston Holdings near Linlithgow in 2006 and has been successfully providing high quality professional Hypnotherapy Sessions to clients and Hypnotherapy Training to our students, through our NCH and BIH Accredited Training School: The Scottish Academy of Hypnosis and Mind Therapies.

Located near Linlithgow, in a wonderfully private and peaceful countryside location, we follow the highest standards of practice. Confidential and personal.

Our resident therapist, Rae Jenson is a highly experienced therapist with 18 years of Clinical Practice under her belt.

Our two trainers: John D Lawrence and Rae Jenson are two of the most skilled and experienced Hypnotherapy Trainers in the UK. So you can relax knowing you are in safe hands.

Therapy Centre Building 286 x 190